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As of November 2021, all company Directors will need to apply for a director identification number (Director ID), as part of a new requirement implemented by the Australian Business Registry Services (ABRS).

These requirements impact all company Directors including those of private companies and corporate trustees of family trusts, not just Directors of large or listed entities.

Company directors will only have one Director ID which they will keep forever even if they change companies, stop being a director, change their name or move interstate or overseas. Furthermore, the Director ID will confirm your identity and trace your relationships to companies.

Penalties and criminal charges may apply to directors who fail to apply for a Director ID by the required timeframes listed below.

As a director, you must apply for your Director ID yourself as you will need to verify your identity. No one can apply on your behalf. Whilst we cannot make the application on your behalf, we are here to assist you with further information and guidance

Once received, you need to provide your Director ID to Shae Isaac of our office via email

We set out below a summary of everything you need to know, including the steps you need to take to apply for your Director ID.

Do you need to apply for a Director ID?

You will be required to obtain a Director ID if you are a director or alternate director of:

  • a company, a registered Australian body or a registered foreign company under the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth) (Corporations Act), or
  • an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander corporation registered under the Corporations (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander) Act 2006 (Cth) (CATSI Act).

Under what circumstances is a Director ID not required?

A Director ID is not required if you are:

  • a company secretary but not a director
  • acting as an external administrator of a company
  • running a business as a sole trader or partnership
  • referred to as a ‘director’ in your job title but have not been appointed as a director under the Corporations Act or the CATSI Act
  • a director of a registered charity with an organisation type that is not registered with ASIC to operate throughout Australia, and
  • an officer of an unincorporated association, cooperative or incorporated association established under state or territory legislation, unless the organisation is also a registered Australian body.

When do Corporations Act directors ned to apply for a Director ID

Date you are appointed as a director of a specific companyDate you must apply by for your Director ID
On or before 31 October 2021By 30 November 2022
Between 1 November 2021 and 4 April 2022           Within 28 days of appointment
From 5 April 2022Before appointment

When do Corporations Act directors ned to apply for a Director ID

Date you are appointed as a director of a specific companyDate you must apply by for your Director ID
On or before 31 October 2022By 30 November 2023
From 1 November 2022Before appointment

How to apply for your Director ID

Over the next few months, we will be emailing each company director on our registered agent list directions on how to apply for your Director ID.

In the meantime, if you would like to start the process and apply for your Director ID, please follow the steps below:

Step 1: Set up your myGovID

You will require either a standard or strong identity strength myGovID. If you do not have a myGovID account, you can find information on how to set up myGovID here.

If you have either type of myGovID, proceed to step 2.

Note that a myGovID is different to standard myGov account which links to online services such as the ATO or Centrelink.

Step 2: gather your documents

You will need the following information:

  • your tax file number (TFN)
  • your residential address as held by the ATO, and
  • information from two documents to verify your identity such:
    •  as bank account details,
    • an ATO notice of assessment,
    • super account details,
    • a dividend statement,
    • a Centrelink payment summary,
    • PAYG payment summary.

Step 3: Complete your application

After completing steps 1 and 2, you can apply for your director ID through the ABRS Website from November 2021.

This process should take no more than 5 minutes and you will be issued with your Director ID at the end of the application process. Please either print a copy or take a screenshot of your Director ID.

Step 4: Notify us of your Director ID

Our office will need to keep a record of your Director ID so that your company complies with ASIC regulations.

Please email your Director ID to:

What if you cannot get a myGovID?

You can apply by phone or lodge a paper application. You can find more information on these options on Verify Your Identity. 

If you require any further assistance please contact or contact our office.

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